... is not that working over the Internet allows us to survive without becoming captives of the infinite growth System. Revolutionary is that we can earn well enough online to extract resources from that System and use them to build a sustainable, resilient, steady-state economy -
Bird watching with Miru
Miru and I found ourselves on the church square in the village of Vimeiro in the Alentejo region of Portugal. A father and his daughter. In the portico in front of a church, where we sat down because of the shade we looked up and there were swallow nests between the naves of the dome. Miru ...
We are special!
Ours is the first species that is thrashing the planet so that a few rich individuals can survive in bunkers they build from the profits of that very destruction. The rich. The rich and their armies. The relevant question becomes: What is the mutiny threshold?
... a playful, self-defeating gesture
u gotta give
u gotta give ur life 4 something if u wanna have that thing u gotta start dying 4 that thing and when u got that thing ur love 4 that thing becomes ur only thing and if u lose that thing u die again
Try this #2
Stop for a moment with what you are doing and imagine how it could become a story. Now picture yourself telling that story. Who do you see in the audience?
Shakespeare on sex
There is more between foreplay and orgasm, Fellatio, Than is dreamt of in your philosophy.
Just Make It Sacred
Why do you eat vegetables? I admire the fact that you're conscious of your diet, and of the ecological footprint that is minimal for locally grown seasonal vegetables, and there is no animal suffering... - Because it's cheap. Oh. And why do you live here? You are really living the emerging culture of sharing when ...
Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance This is about overcoming obsolete dichotomies. Cognitive dissonance is the result of a paradox the receiver was unaware of. It discontinues her consequential reasoning. In other words: it stops her in her tracks, catches her off guard, and ideally makes her re-evaluate the basic assumptions of her belief. A paradox alone is not ...
Ex machina
This is one of the better science fiction films made in recent years. The main idea, that the brilliant mind behind the fictitious "Google" called Blue Book harnesses the intelligence of humankind and feeds it to a neuronal network to create strong AI comes across convincingly. There is a modest amount of techno talk, the ...
try this #1
... look in the mirror with a very serious face and rehearse saying "only for the money? I couldn't do it"
Hide and Seek
A game that Miru likes is our own version of hide-and-seek. I carry her on my back and pretend to be looking for her. Calling her softly then louder, bending over and looking around corners, in portico's and behind trees. I continue and wonder what she would think. Does she realize it is a game? ...
Music from every country
I like to discover new music, but I don't like the algorithmic approach that calculates suggestions and tends to make us listen to whatever most people listen to. Yes, online music listening services tell us that they let us "discover" new music, but I miss something essential. I miss the romantic idea of discovering by coincident. Of course, I can ...
Learning from Miru
What do you do when your two year old daughter points at your plate of spaghetti and says "papa" when you come into the kitchen? I was late for dinner the other day, due to trivial computer work that ate up my hours, and I hadn't eaten enough. Miru knows this exactly, and readily takes ...
We need…
to find meaning, not in what we are doing, but in the superlative of what we do.