… is not that working over the Internet allows us to survive without becoming captives of the infinite growth System. Revolutionary is that we can earn well enough online to extract resources from that System and use them to build a sustainable, resilient, steady-state economy –

We are special!

Ours is the first species that is thrashing the planet so that a few rich individuals can survive in bunkers they build from the profits of that very destruction.

The rich.
The rich and their armies.
The relevant question becomes: What is the mutiny threshold?


… a playful, self-defeating gesture

Try this #2

Stop for a moment with what you are doing and imagine how it could become a story. Now picture yourself telling that story. Who do you see in the audience?

The good life
try this #1

… look in the mirror with a very serious face and rehearse saying “only for the money? I couldn’t do it”

The good life