My violin teacher
After twenty years I found my violin teacher on Facebook. She remembered me, that was one of the joys of teaching, she wrote. In the mean time, entire lives have started: our children born, nine eleven, financial crisis. History has happened. I want to ask her about my vibrato.
A belief is all we have
A belief is all we have to hold on to, some warmth weaning us for darker times when we thicket each other's softest spots, make our fingers lost and blow weightless snow in each other's faces when we make chocolate gestures, blanket soft talk in some rearrangement of tired starlight
coffee beans and machine guns change we can believe in. blackness is an ideal churches full of popcorn mumbling generals in tank tops nightliners piercing darkness a dead dog's candy eye, the tightrope of history cigarette butts drowned in cold coffee orphans and Eurydice in ironed T-shirts earthworms tunneling underfoot abandoned swimming pools, and an ...
Silly Poem
"Said Hamlet to Ophelia, I'll draw a sketch of thee, What kind of pencil shall I use? 2B or not 2B?" - Spike Milligan
Written for some poetry award last December, this clunker is what you get when you think too much while writing poetry on black coffee: now, here i do what i am supposed to do, i sit down and place a pillow underneath my behind, while thoughts billow in my mind in front of me there ...
I love my best of you shine me through the vestiges of your spring make me, who has the wind still in his wrinkles, sing of how we love the silk softness of our whiten hair, chance with me the rite of our fingers through it, entomb us in that raging, mad, that sacred dance
“I have made a tribe of my affections, and my tribe is scattered” - Stanley Kunitz