What i am is also: world The world that was repelling me Or so i felt The world in which i had no say Not even about moving some of her smallest parts I feel embarrassed. So trivial my thoughts So puny my process. My time. I watch an ant that i don’t smash Walking ...
How to live
Learn how to live in overtime After all the things have been felt Teach yourself the glory of gratitude Become a bricklayer of moments In the shade of a towering ideology The one you followed for a while Be old enough for your age, and always wear a smile
Our language
I overlook the green garden The wind is almost invisible A sheep is bleating, nearby Look at the evolution of Our language, she is layered She is a flight And a hiding place Some people make it The green garden doesn't make it The wind doesn't make it The sheep doesn't make it
I am sitting in a convenient store my coffee is getting cold the word triumvirate pops up it's a word that doesn't belong here yet, it snaps into its place: what is real is what is the case suddenly, I wanna be crazy old the laughing belly of our truth and I wanna be profoundly ...