March 8.
Making the concepts of death and peace converge, how's that for universal religion?

In the Mapuche village near San Martin de los Andes a child held the barrier for the tourists. We walked around; the people had conserved some aspects of their traditional lifestyle. A girl herded some sheep. I photographed some goats. Their ...
march 7.
A puppy walks up to me while I am writing. Her clumsy movements touch me. She puts her nose against the screen of my computer. She is exploring the world and that says it all. I don't need to write another word. Hush. Let's all be silent today.
March 5.

Today, I saw a lot. Silvia, Carola and I decided to climb a hill first. Narrow dirt roads and steep dusty sand paths lead us to a platform with a magnificent view. I have pictures. The scenery reminded me of Switzerland, but it was much wider and a little more impressive. The way down, ...