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kamiel_at_pc_croppedBorn 1979 in the Netherlands, studied philosophy, now juggling interests in poetry, philosophy, resistance, writing novels , distant shores, sustainable living, permaculture, community building, in no particular order.

What is my way of life? Think abundant creativity. Think loving, caring participation in nature. Think strong, gentle loving bonds. Think the exact opposite of consumer culture.

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If you like to write a guest post and have something that fits in one of the categories, don’t hesitate!

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    1. Hi Maureen,
      Thank you, I’d love to connect. It is a purpose of this site to connect writers to each other and to readers. Could I discuss your poem “The Event” on this site?

  1. I invite those that are Good Samaritans that like to have imaginative fun and want to be part of the Wellness Weavers health and wellness WOMAN to visit the website and sign up for the World Class ACT…it will pop up on the landing page.

    Then you may understand why I use costumed characters in my health promotion work and during some “edu-play-cations”.

    We are looking for a core team that has an harmonious Eco-healthy family-friendly attitude and the cross-section of strong business and technology skills…so we take what we need to know to live in peace with the government but applied for good practices of sustainability.

    There is plenty of need for construction sciences, if you can run an EBay business, you can help us divest of unneeded assets or sell our arts.

    Do you understand how to maximize social media, create videos and on-line webinar courses?

    Do You have the gifts to help put on shows for all ages, classes or raise organic garden produce…or want to run an events cafe?

    Are you excited by health promotion or living history retreats and like the eras of the Ice Age, Native American Great Plains, Oregon-California Trail Pioneer days, Railroad, Victorian, Steampunk, Aviation, Automobile, and human-powered fun?

    Do the arts and complementary healing modalities interest you? Have you transcended addictions?

    If that list reasonates with you, you could be a candidate to live at the Wellness Weavers campus in Waterville, Kansas…only 40 miles N of Manhattan, KS and 50 miles south of Beatrice, NE.

    Looking to help chart a course for a new society and live in a very small yet accessible town with high speed Internet?

    Then visit the Wellness Weavers website and see what you think.

    All the best for all that want to be well and live well to help weave the world well.


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