Toothache :)

I want to write an ugly poem about it that is fully artificial a temporary edifice in broken verse I want to reinvent every word to prey and rape the makers of my pain I want to kill the little man who reads the pain to me turn off his sound and wait and see

Subway station

I imagine feeling elated when I walk in the underground concrete counting irksome smiles and turnstiles breathing bubbles into transient thoughts that need not be fierce and piercing I imagine yellow trains leaving on the lower levels that connect the shopping and further I imagine electric voices barking liberation from melting speakers and all the


You want to stare into the abyss. You imagine you will discover something there, a boisterous polysemiotic laughing that reverberates against your high temples. You want to plough into new and unique territories uncontaminated by other intellects and you realize it is the fervor of your fear that strangleholds you: the others! the others! They

Cum granu salis

There is the commitment of a slow suicide inside my mouth flaring nerve tissue makes me a beast of seconds foregone my extravanganza, the wordsome Walpurgnis Night of wild hue candelabras burning into the popliteal intimacy of progress – relinquished Swearing and sweltering I lock myself in debasement reddish eyes sore at glaring screens a

The contiguous society

The exponential growth of computing power has created unprecedented possibilities for the democratic organization of a people. Looking at the current voting system of democracies around the world however, very little of these digital innovations to improve the finding and execution of the ‘will of the people’ have been realized. It is largely unchartered territory,