Don Neon

Don Neon made the best letters in town New businesses came and went, and came again and the comings always involved Don Neon You paid per letter so the town was full of short names: Tom’s Tea, Bob’s Bowl, Fred’s Fork They were proper names and the town shone. Today, I saw all his signs

listen to Bach (and die)

there is no landscape but
a row of black I totem poles
absolution dogs us in complex fugues
played on a mole’s sleeping belly
mad frogs wearing unreliable diapers
augur a couple more dimensions
in which we thrive like ferns in giant forests
(we eat the lumens)
and keep patenting that impossible is nothing

On my way home

I walk rather straight to the subway station an old hooker says fuck fuck fuck let’s go fuck it is the umpteenth century there are those days that I just want to lie in the grass there are those that I want to answer my call unambiguous days, blushing in abundant sunlight days I talk

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Without further ado, let’s assume the AI has all information available and imagine a debate with the world’s foremost human intellectual. The AI will have a flawless argument that takes into account all the information in a superhuman fashion a human intellectual can never attain.
Its rational reasoning is far superior. Recall the

Aristotle and death

Death is the end, yet not the purpose of life, Aristotle said.
But when you die it has to be done right the first time.
The way you die will say a lot about your life.
But doing something right implies purpose.
What did Aristotle say about this?