There are more things between foreplay and orgasm, fellatio, than dreamt of in your philosophies.
Don’t ask what Putin can do for you, ask what you can do for Putin – D. Trump
Professor Trompsky #3
Professor Trompsky, welcome. I guess you are a regular on our show now. - Yes you could say that [chuckles] Just  before this interview, you said you had a mediocre ephiphany. Care to elaborate? - Yes. Consider thissimple question. Would you increase your happiness at the cost of another's happiness? I guess not. - But isn't ...
Professor Trompsky #1
Professor Trompsky, welcome to our studio. At 87, do you have any plans for retirement? Listen, the burden of the world rests on my shoulders. I can't just give up because the fragility that is slowly but certainly shutting down my body. My responsibilities are grand, and with grandure I shall go to the grave. Can ...
57 ways how I grew my blog exponentially and you won’t believe what happens next
From September 2017 until May 2018 the number of views per month increased exponentially. I posted every day: essays, poems, reviews, aphorisms, jokes, short stories, meditations. Yes, I am living the dream. I really do writing every single sentence. But this month my stats look like I'm not going to surpass last month. I am ...
The devil writes my business plan He’s into details and a persuasive man Brilliant in math i make him cfo if i can I wonder tough how he got his tan
Silly Poem
"Said Hamlet to Ophelia, I'll draw a sketch of thee, What kind of pencil shall I use? 2B or not 2B?" - Spike Milligan
porn is the betrayed idyll that came looking for itself
I fell in love three times
A few months ago, in a period of soul-searching that can happen to the best of us, I fell in love three times. I try to be a faithful poetic observer and report to you how exactly that happened. My first amorous encounter was with Cuban superstar Camilla Cabelo, chiefly because of her aphrodisiacal voice ...
Most obscure poet
I google "most obscure poet" and I find poets whose obscurity has become a brand A certain mr. Puce from a town named Truth and Consequences was engaged in wordplay A lady wrote three poems a day by the time when she was eighty the boxes had reached the ceiling Meanwhile, a child knows obscurity ...
We say to 'rise' to fame and to 'fall' in love. Correction. We fall in fame and we rise to love.
The venerated veal reared to reveal a real venereal ordeal.