February 7. Start Making sense O blind poet
Imagine a crowded market, piles of vegetables, leeks, turnips, potatoes, onions everywhere, a meager dog with a fishbone in its mouths slips under a shaggy table. The sharp smell of overripe pineapples blends with the dustclouds between the stalls. Coarse voices reiterate their merchandize and their mantras feel comforting. An old hunchback offers dried fruits ...
Presentation in Khabarovsk
Presentation in Khabarovsk
January 22th. KhabarovskFor an interested audience of young shipbuilding students at a technical college, we hold our presentation of Charity Travel. We are glad to see that our story inspires, and can become a modest part of a student's motivation to learn foreign languages.

On a beautiful freezing January day ...
Paths of Kindness
Dorogy Dobra (Paths of Kindness)
January 13th, 2011. Ekaterinburg.Operating an NGO in Russia, especially beyong the Petersburg-Moscow axis, is quite a challenge. Paths of Kindness is a remarkable organization in the capital of the Urals owrking with underprivileged children. They organize weekend excursions, special education, and facilitate responsible adoption.

Name:Camillus HouseAim:To eradicate ...