Presentation in Khabarovsk
Presentation in Khabarovsk
January 22th. KhabarovskFor an interested audience of young shipbuilding students at a technical college, we hold our presentation of Charity Travel. We are glad to see that our story inspires, and can become a modest part of a student's motivation to learn foreign languages.

On a beautiful freezing January day ...
Paths of Kindness
Dorogy Dobra (Paths of Kindness)
January 13th, 2011. Ekaterinburg.Operating an NGO in Russia, especially beyong the Petersburg-Moscow axis, is quite a challenge. Paths of Kindness is a remarkable organization in the capital of the Urals owrking with underprivileged children. They organize weekend excursions, special education, and facilitate responsible adoption.

Name:Camillus HouseAim:To eradicate ...