Dear Miru, When I walked you home from the kindergarten to your grandparent's house today, you made me very happy. The sky was grey and light rain drizzled on the pavement as I knelt down in front of you. Then you said exactly what I had imagined you would say: "Regent het! Naar binnen!" ("Does ...
Since it has become part of my daily life I would like to describe once again my thoughts about coping with bullshit labor. Bullshit jobs, to me, are characterized by a complete lack of meaning. No matter how hard you try, you can't discern a core of value in a bullshit job, and this is ...
Netpoetry #11
Perform your bullshit jobs on music and a 30 minutes task becomes just too short for a Mozart sonata
News outlets should put the DATE in the headline to prevent zombie sharing.
rough sleeper
near my home is a railway bridge and I see a man sleeping rough does he belong here? in a dirty sleeping bag spread on corrugated cardboard, a paper coffee cup his current account only his teeth remember his story I, too afraid to offer him a shower drop my coin in his paper cup ...
Authoritarian upbringing: If you misbehave, you don't get any food. Modern parenting: If you misbehave, your food won't taste good.