Gombrowicz on me
“Why, my man is created from the outside, that is, he is inauthentic in essence- he is always not-himself, because he is determined by form, which is born between people. His "I", therefore, is marked for him in that "interhumanity." An eternal actor, but a natural one, because his artificiality is inborn, it makes up a feature of his humanity-to be a man means to be an actor-to be a man means to pretend to be a man-to be a man means to "act like" a man while not being one deep inside-to be a man is to recite humanity.” ― Witold Gombrowicz
the I is a by-light a grievance by a wild fire the grammar of layered time
The |
the | is an illusion: let's create a couple also, let's write some lines to pass the test of time illusion me with your eyes and we will always be in the prime of our lives