Power (sketch)
Power (sketch) A neutral observer looks at human interaction between A and B. In order to understand this interaction, the decisions involved have to be explained. Let's say agent A is in control of a resource (we will call this "in power") that agent B wants. If we want to understand this interaction, we need ...
“Neo-Malthusian” “populationists”
The straw man used to "debunk" people who countThe business-as-usual people like to portray anyone who raises concerns about the exponential growth of the world population, given our finite habitat, as a misanthropic pessimist who doesn't believe in progress. These people - whatever their motives are, I find it hard to believe they aren't bought ...
List of resources
Books and Articles
Bill Clinton, Giving
le monde diplomatique, Atlas of Globalisation
Oxfam, The pocket humanitarian handbook

Movies and Videos
Obama's Speech in Berlin
Michael Moore in Norway
Food, Inc. | HOME by Yann Arthus-Bertand Magic footage of the disturbing reality of our Planet
Elisabeth Gilbert on Genius (TED)
Four Years Go