Power (sketch)
Power (sketch) A neutral observer looks at human interaction between A and B. In order to understand this interaction, the decisions involved have to be explained. Let's say agent A is in control of a resource (we will call this "in power") that agent B wants. If we want to understand this interaction, we need ...
The Next World War
This rant sprouts from the documentary film "Supermarket Secrets", a strong piece of investigative journalism concerning the UK food retail industry that came out a few years ago. I watched it with disbelief and tears in my eyes, disgust, then anger. This poor little apple that is not perfectly symmetrical like the snobby faces of ...
List of resources
Books and Articles
Bill Clinton, Giving
le monde diplomatique, Atlas of Globalisation
Oxfam, The pocket humanitarian handbook

Movies and Videos
The Story of Stuff by Ann Leonard
Obama's Speech in Berlin
messagefrompandora.org Cameron's special feature about the dam at Belo Monte
Michael Moore in Norway
We feed the World | Food, Inc. | The Future ...