June 21. How are you today?
"Hi, how are you today?"
-"Could have been worse."
"How's business?"
-"What business?"
"The forgetting business."
-"Ah, that one. No idea."
"You know the proverb, do you?"
"No news is good news."
-"You got a point there."

All we want to do is optimize. Maybe we should abandon the believe that what is ...
June 17. Another day in Taipei.
Another day in Taipei. We see a real buddhist temple and people praying and worshipping. I watch their movements without being interested in the web of meaning that causes their piety. They are just chanting, waving incense sticks and bowing for their goddess. The temple seems peaceful to me. What else? It's just another busy ...
June 16. Taipei.
Eight hours of time difference demand their toll - I'm tired. I'll keep it short today, I've got other things to do. We walk around downtown Taipei, trying to understand this booming big city, eating lots of streetfood because that's what Taipei is famous for. What else? Chinese neonlights are overwhelming. I would be lost ...