the joy of writing
self-awareness boils in your bloodstream you feel immersed in the wanton inflation of the infinite hole that homes you, and keeps you dissolving into that heightened state of mind, so you can push the buttons or beings loopiness. now two minds in such a state will smile at each other as two monads, on a ...
Netpoetry #7
Congratulations! You now belong to the league of people who have read the words twerk and soliloquy in one sentence.
Trump vs. Sanders
war, must, attack, wall, close, me, us, same, leave, stop, grow, lol, run, hate, block, drill, bill, pipe, line, free, trade, love, hate transparency, scrutiny, oxymoron, prescient, rationality, tenacity, volubility, voluptuous, xenophilia, magnanimous, neologism, unfeigned, grandiloquent, probability, serendipity, Galilei, edifice, credibility, beatification, metonymy, arduous, heterological
What is a ball?
Dear Miru, We were playing with a ball today, but you said it wasn't a ball. Or, as you put it, that the ball was "kapot". You meant that the ball lacked significantly in "ballness"; that its "ballness" was broken. I understand your intuition: The ball we were playing with didn't look like any other ...
to defend a value that can resist those who promote it
Leap Year
Today, let us delay into this world into wishing the world to each other today let us hinge for heaven's sake on a truth untold, like falcons braving the cold air over a silent lake today is a flake of time, a fold in which we can whisper our desires to the precious ears of ...
netpoetry #5
W.H. Awesome. Soul and body have no bounds: To lovers as they lie enchanted / upon each other's wounds
Netpoetry #4
He: I'm very eclectic; She: Did you just say black chick?
Pope vs. Trump
Pope Francis has stated that "avoiding pregnancy" (as opposed to abortion) is not an absolute evil, and spoke out in favor of the use of contraceptives to avoid the spread of the Zika virus. In the case of certain other viruses, he added, contraception is not only an understandable decision but one that could count on God's ...
Robert Creeley (1926-2005)
This poem by Robert Creeley perfectly fits Bernie Sander's campaign. “I want, if older, / still to know / why, human, men / and women are / so torn, so lost / why hopes cannot / find a better world / than this.”
Canned Laughter
the day I found out that god didn't exist was like any other day I was eating the apple during school break observed by the boys that would steal my glasses I could not imagine back then that the laughing you hear when you watch tv isn't real
the problem with democracy is that the people refuse to believe they are the people
Two poems of Tomas Tranströmer
I discovered, through Facebook, the 2011 Swedish Nobel laureate Tomas Tranströmer. Here are two of his poems in translation: The Couple They switch off the light and its white shade glimmers for a moment before dissolving like a tablet in a glass of darkness. Then up. The hotel walls rise into the black sky. The ...
netpoetry #3
My French boyfriend cheated on me. What does that mean for our relationship? Cull the sack.
Democratization of News (sketch)
I have the following simple idea: a news aggregation tool that pulls news items from Internet sources and applies a fully democratic weighting process. The news items are presented as a time line or a world map. Problem 1. How can the aggregation tool decide which Internet sources to trust? I assume, for reasons of simplicity ...
"Mindfulness, the practice of sitting still and focusing on your breath and thoughts, has surged in popularity over the last few years, with a boom in apps, online courses, books and articles extolling its virtues." This is as close to the final stage of commodification as it gets. The "practice of sitting still" is now ...
The most important function of the economic operating system is not to get capital together, but to get heads together
the nonsense of infinite growth just distracts from the fact that we will all wither and die
On Education
Dear Miru, Today, I want to tell you about Education. Even if we would want them to, our children don't accept the concept of schooling as the transfer of a canon of established facts. They are so much used to Wikipedia and Google that it would be practically impossible to convince them that carrying knowledge ...
Our letter 'A' started his career as Aleph, the first letter of the semitic abjads or writing systems, including Aramaic, Syriac, Phoenician, Arabic, Armenian, and Hebrew. The Phoenician letter was derived from an Egyptian glyph depicting the head of an ox. The Greek alfa has its origin in this Phoenician letter, and it's obvious how ...