Where’s Bob?
I leave the guitar and Bob's voice to your imagination; singin' volunteers and suggestions welcome! Bob, where are you Bob? Are you staying in bed, did you catch the flu why is it so hard to get through to you? do you have the blues, so many writer would love to walk in your shoes ...
Pokemon Ghost
hyper-realistic human holograms of virtual citizens. You can only interact with them through your phone.
envy is not a sin
before you got published, you were jealous of someone who did when you got published, you were jealous of someone who got a second print when you got a second print, you were jealous of someone who sold 100,000 copies when you sold 100,000 copies, you were jealous of someone who won the Booker Prize ...
Blowing up two towers to justify spending billions on military contractors is easier than blowing up two bridges to justify spending billions on infrastructure contractors.
we hasten not
it is high noon and the bright fruits shine in the air is a promise of decay we let the sun pour its old light on us and bury imagination in warm smiles we save up for higher seasons, for longer shadows for deeper promises and gentler declines slow and infinite are our thoughts, we ...
Dear Miru, When I walked you home from the kindergarten to your grandparent's house today, you made me very happy. The sky was grey and light rain drizzled on the pavement as I knelt down in front of you. Then you said exactly what I had imagined you would say: "Regent het! Naar binnen!" ("Does ...
Since it has become part of my daily life I would like to describe once again my thoughts about coping with bullshit labor. Bullshit jobs, to me, are characterized by a complete lack of meaning. No matter how hard you try, you can't discern a core of value in a bullshit job, and this is ...
Netpoetry #11
Perform your bullshit jobs on music and a 30 minutes task becomes just too short for a Mozart sonata
News outlets should put the DATE in the headline to prevent zombie sharing.
rough sleeper
near my home is a railway bridge and I see a man sleeping rough does he belong here? in a dirty sleeping bag spread on corrugated cardboard, a paper coffee cup his current account only his teeth remember his story I, too afraid to offer him a shower drop my coin in his paper cup ...
Authoritarian upbringing: If you misbehave, you don't get any food. Modern parenting: If you misbehave, your food won't taste good.
Civilization is the ability to believe in a justification for our cruelty.
Dear Miru, There lives an intuition in me that wants you to be fearless. I know that fear has a vital function, but it only works when you experience it against the background of fearlessness. When your mind is troubled by unprocessed phobias, the fear that might have saved you will become useless and irrational. ...
It doesn't matter much if we have hope now. Will we have hope when a majority of people are literally dying to improve our lot?
Age of We
seen from up here there is grace in everything seen from up here walls fence nothing in, or out. they are the dashed lines our children cut along seen from up here humanity is a flock of little birds. we see patterns and leap ahead, 'wake up!' but up here our voice is thin and ...
Netpoetry #10
Relax. Give yourself a $500 neck massage. You are worth it.
Netpoetry #9
Welcome to the Internet. You will now be enslaved within the comfort of your own mind.
Netpoetry #8
They could not have known, at the time, that their son would become such an important Facebooker.