Oh, you want praise and recognition and above all money. But if that was your true motive, you would have done something else. All this fame and honor is a very nice thing, as long as you don't believe it. - Howard Nemerov
Reading: Jane by Howard Moss
American poet, dramatist and critic Howard Moss (1922-1987) won the National Book Award in 1972 for his selected poetry. He was the poetry editor of the New Yorker for almost forty years and a great discoverer of poets. Moss also wrote a funny illustrated book of writer's parodies called 'instant lives'. I read 'Jane', a poem ...
porn is the betrayed idyll that came looking for itself
I fell in love three times
A few months ago, in a period of soul-searching that can happen to the best of us, I fell in love three times. I try to be a faithful poetic observer and report to you how exactly that happened. My first amorous encounter was with Cuban superstar Camilla Cabelo, chiefly because of her aphrodisiacal voice ...
Simple focus exercise
Type one thing and say something else. For example, type the word 'blue' while you say 'red'. You can almost feel how your brain is creating new neuronal connections when you do this.
A Meditation on power
Find a comfortable place to sit. Be aware of your posture. Is your back straight, are your knees below your waist? Breathe in calmly and deeply. Focus on the phenomenon of power. When have you experienced power over another living being or another living being exercising power over you? How did it feel? Is the ...
The |
the | is an illusion: let's create a couple also, let's write some lines to pass the test of time illusion me with your eyes and we will always be in the prime of our lives