Ezra Pound is the Kanye West of poetry.

The good life

My husband is obsessed with woodworking, now he doesn’t have time for me. I think he’s filing for divorce.


A good challenge of our life
is to get into the right groove
right away
if we meet someone new

And to scratch the record
if we’re in the wrong groove
with the people of the past

The good life

Artists critical of society nowadays have the strange habit of begging institutions of same society be the ultimate arbiter of their work.

Instead of their real audience, that has yet to be born.

The Making of a Misanthrope

They don’t believe me, and they split

One they goes on and on repeating it

The other they says, spitefully, cope!

I despise them, and become a misanthrope



rice and beans
sprouts and greens
water and love
life itself – is enough


In a monkey world, never apologize if you are the monkey who tries a different strategy – Choi Lei-Mak

The good life

Social Media inequality might become a bigger problem than wealth inequality. In a liberal society, it is easier to tax people than force them to have a certain taste and redistribute their likes and subscriptions. Yet social media inequality could become a source of immense frustration and a destabilizing factor once the world really moves


Mightless words ! Vehicles of nothing
flapping their wings (in pain), clacking their beaks,
barking to a dying possum,

Philosophy is a profession

“Everybody is a philosopher in their own way.”

Everybody is an artist in their own way.
Everybody is a doctor in their own way.
Everybody is a lawyer in their own way.
Everybody is a pilot in their own way.
Go fuck yourself in your own way.