The economy now
Those essential services, the doctors nurses shopkeepers farmers truckers, plus we the people sitting at home playing with themselves or each other while connected to the global brain via the Internet - that IS the economy now. It might be hard enough to save that economy, so let's stop talking about the abstract beast 'economy' which was nothing but an upward redistribution scheme selling the masses fake happiness to compensate for their fake work.
The most important function of the economic operating system is not to get capital together, but to get heads together
The Experience Economy
Years ago, our century had just begun, progressive voices heralded the transition from a product economy to an experience economy. Instead of selling cars, car companies told us in their advertisements that they were selling a "driving experience". Of course, we realized, the experience is everything. We go to restaurants in order to have a ...
Tractatus Logico-Economicus
0. The economy revolves around things. 0.1. Things are products, services, and consumers. 0.1.1. Products depend on finite natural resources. 0.1.2. Services depend on finite time. 0.1.3. An economy with a value-function based on products and services needs endless progress. 0.1.4. Endless progress combined with finite resources results in devaluation. 0.1.5. The value of products ...