February 12. Big Brother.
Friday. What's going on? Guess who's back. Bruno has a list of ngo's that work together with Volens, and we go through it. Some organisations are located in other cities like Bulawayo, but the bulk of activities takes place here. Oasis and Streets Ahead are the most suitable for our intentions.
There's now time to ...
February 11. Good Ol’ me.
We are presented with a few NGO options, and pick two of them. We will visit two Harare-based organisations working with streetkids, teaching them life skills and preventing them from going down a spiral of addiction, depression or worse by organising Capoeira and Hiphop classes. We hope to link them later on with ngo's working ...
Oasis Harare, ZimbabweHarare, Zimbabwe. February 15th, 2010
Oasis works with street children in Harare, Zimbabwe giving them a brighter future and keeping them on the right track.

We support Oasis with a donation and assist in a hip hop workshop for the kids.

NameOasis, Harare, ZimbabweAimTo assist the street children of Harare: ...
Streets Ahead
Streets Ahead, Harare, ZimbabweHarare, Zimbabwe. February 15th, 2010Streets Ahead supports at risk street children in Harare by offering them emergency shelter, workshops like Capoeira, and vocational training like basket weaving and candle making.

We visit streets ahead and exchange ideas with its friendly director; we support this cause with a donation.

NameStreets ...