February 11. Good Ol’ me.

We are presented with a few NGO options, and pick two of them. We will visit two Harare-based organisations working with streetkids, teaching them life skills and preventing them from going down a spiral of addiction, depression or worse by organising Capoeira and Hiphop classes. We hope to link them later on with ngo’s working in different part of the world, so that they can exchange ideas, adopt each other’s concepts, exchange volunteers, and raise their kids to become global citizens, dreaming of sustainable cooperation between their developing nations rather than yearning for a pot-bellied existence in a heartless society feeding their kids with pellets of glistening grease and bad proteins and mindless ellbow mentality, rather than installing the golden arches of irksome sickening consumerism right in the heart of their dreams as they model every step they take in life to mimic their Hollywood hero moviestar dreamlife, rather than craving for a heavyweight SUV dream truck to shut them off from anything troublesome coming from outside, rather than wanting a condo crammed with spoiled brats and the whole Trainspotting laredidom.

That might a bridge too far for now. Anybody let me know. To any CIA official reading those threatening lines: I’ll arrive in Miami on October first, keep your operations clean and don’t use handcuffs made of any zinc alloy (it’s an old allergy do you see).