The night was short. John took an earlier bus to Riga. I stayed in my bed until checkout time, and went to the bus station at one PM. I missed a lot of the beautiful scenery on the way to Riga. I still was really sleepy and the driver had to wake me up as we had arrived at the large Zeppelin buildings. I quickly found the hostel John recommended, and got a bunk bed in a twelve people dorm.

Then I went out exploring the old town of Riga. Suddenly I heard a familiar whistle – it was John, of course. He was playing on a square, and a few disciples gather around him. It was a nice little scene. A Russian guy played Elvis on John’s guitar, and we clapped.

I was very hungry though, and went back to the hostel, where I had a few sausages for dinner. Checked the Internet, took a shower, and went to bed.