i am my mother’s compliments
the heat of her clapping hands
compassion on an infinite vacation


In a world where aging backwards is possible, aging forwards becomes sexy.

The good life

This blog is discontinued, but the author is stil alive at kamielchoi.com

Poetry Is Not Written In Stone

The book of Lord Schist
was on the short list
with his rock-solid verse
that shouldn’ t be missed.

His writing is terse
and it comes with a twist
he gives all those who curse
a slab on the wrist.


Free society (noun) – social organization in which only the rich can organize to pay less taxes.


We should not teach our children how to masturbate!
– Why not, sir?
Carnal pleasure should be rediscovered anew by every generation.

Convenience Store

The woman on the cardboard is fading.
Her elven hair has caught dust. A thousand squirrels run from underneath her.
The year is almost over. On the shelves: nylon socks. Now I am present here.
My groin is stationary at this orange table.
The machines are roaring. The microwave.
Coffee. The blinds. The cold air.
Freshener gets sprayed here with some frequency.


Mightless words! Vehicles of nothing!
Like barking to a dying possum, be this a command, what would you do?


“Accomplishments” always means accomplishments in the context of other people. Otherwise we would speak of the accomplishments of volcanoes, rivers, neutron stars.

The good life
Oh the wonder of subjectivity!

Parasite subdivide erudite
blundering souls with no rewards

the stillness of aging!

The rocky hills and mountains, like teeth outside of me
the hum of household machines
and me, still there, faithful to the secret
of being the present person who sat
there and felt that

Portrait with a little pain

The constant buzzer of pain
that ugly fleeting empire
sending out its cavalry

to agitate my nerve tissue, to sabotage
every sound, every smell, every taste
and make me want to be replaced

but fail.


Definition of an Affluent society: a society in which everyone can understand what they do in their discretionary time as their identity, and is comfortable enough to like this identity.