In a monkey world, never apologize if you are the monkey who tries a different strategy – Choi Lei-Mak

The good life

Social Media inequality might become a bigger problem than wealth inequality. In a liberal society, it is easier to tax people than force them to have a certain taste and redistribute their likes and subscriptions. Yet social media inequality could become a source of immense frustration and a destabilizing factor once the world really moves


Mightless words ! Vehicles of nothing
flapping their wings (in pain), clacking their beaks,
barking to a dying possum,

Philosophy is a profession

“Everybody is a philosopher in their own way.”

Everybody is an artist in their own way.
Everybody is a doctor in their own way.
Everybody is a lawyer in their own way.
Everybody is a pilot in their own way.
Go fuck yourself in your own way.

Far away

The cattle is furrier
The mountains are sharper
The birds cry louder
The houses are homelier
And the women


I told her over tapas
That I have two papas

between olives and anschovis
Oh, well, c’est la vie

The saddest joke

When one of your parents unintentionally buys a single size mattress for a dual size boxspring but it doesn’t really matter because the other parent isn’t there anymore.

I saw it in a dream. It woke me up to take this note.

The good life

Old Europe? he crackled. Do you mean that historical collection of stones and a bunch of people who refuse to believe in it?

The good life

There is a point where we go mad when we consider ourselves the agent of all our actions and a point where we go mad when we consider ourselves the agent of none of them. Free will is the perceived space in between. – kc

Let’s engage with websites!

I use the free website annotation tool to add comments to websites. Made for education, it can also “enhance” (for lack of a better word) public discourse. If nothing else, it makes you read articles more actively, like you’re engaging in a conversation with the author.


Or we would have to live forever…

Cioran once said that he was glad that the concept of suicide existed because otherwise, he would kill himself.

Perhaps this also applies to transhumanism: without the concept and idea that it is technologically not impossible, of eternal life, we would just have to live forever.


The only reason you are not a slave
is that you are more productive
if you are not a slave.