Tallin #4

And so a few days passed. Hosted by very friendly Estonians that made me feel really welcome, I managed to write some pages and finish the German story I was working on, plus some other stuff. Well, this is not my writer’s blog (as opposed to writer’s block) anyway. I had a great time and I am really grateful to Alar and Ellu, and made, yet again, a few pictures.

This is taken just outside the medieval city walls of Tallinn. I recall being very brief about the Old Town in an earlier post. So I decided to make that up and quote from the UNESCO sign that they put at the entrance of it (it reads like a poem):

The Historic Centre (Old Town) of Tallinn
has been inscribed upon the World Heritage
List of the Convention concerning the
Protection of the World Cultural and
Natural Heritage. Inclusion in this List
confirms the exceptional universal value
of a cultural or natural site which deserves
protection for the benefit of all humanity.

Old Town of Tallinn is an exceptionally
integrally and authentically preserved
example of a late medieval (13-16 c.)
fortified hanseatic town with a
neighbouring feudal fortress on an rocky
hill, established in the process of european
east colonization.

Well, those were just working days for me, so I leave it here. No anecdotes to make you laugh, dear reader, but that will change soon enough, you bet… By the way, if you want to laugh, I can suggest Nick Hornby, whose ‘Long Way Down’ I read during my stay in Tallinn.

The next day I found out on the Internet that the cheapest Ferry to Helsinki (21 Euros) leaves at 8AM, and I decided to take that one. Had a very short but comfortable night at Ellu’s place.