Airplane to Lisbon

There’s nothing special about air transportation. I got to the airport way to early, checked in my backpack, except for my netbook which I kept in my cabin luggage, entered the plain after some boys yelled “Portugal!” expressing how fond they where of going to that country. Soon enough, they’ll get older and say “I’ve been everywhere man. Nothing excites me anymore man”. Life is boring. In the air I explained one of the boys about my netbook. He’d buy one himself, too.

In Lisbon, it was the usual drill. I took a shuttle bus to the center, checked the internet but was not welcome on no couch, so I walked to the post officed, where I met Andre who was very friendly to show me around, take me to a nice bar, and eventually when all my other options had died, let me sleep on his couch. We met his friend Christa, an actress who was currently preparing a Pirandello play, and drank ginger tea which I announced on facebook. The world is very much connected, they people are very much disconnected. Sorry, I’ll stop with that tone now. Perhaps it was because I fell asleep over a Luis Bunuel-movie… It was amazing hospitality and I am very grateful for it.

I discovered new hobby: taking photographs like this one of people on the street and making up stories to fit them. I am fond of this one… I made more photo’s available online at picasa. The whole bunch will be uploaded there.