February 27.

Today, Jack is asked deep questions. Why do people come to Jack with their questions? He doesn’t know. He has an air of wisdom twinkling in his eyes, but in reality he cannot answer your questions. He will not and after a little while agree with you because that makes him feel good. Jack is the easiest person around if you are fishing for compliments.
“Jack, do you think there exists a God?”
Jack sighs.
-“God and I would have been good friend” he says.
“But DO you?”
-“We would have gone fishing together.”
“Please answer my question. Do you believe there actually IS a god?”
_”And I would have caught more sardines because he doesn’t know how to catch them.”
“But IS there a god?”
-“Then I would have shared them with him and we would have had a great meal with salat, olives, feta cheese and pumpkin seeds.”
“I implore you, just answer my tiny question.”
-“He would have suffocated in a fish-bone, and I would have hit him on his back with my hand to save him.”
“But IS he existing?”
-“And he would have said thank you Jack I give you my crown so you can be God yourself.”
“Please, please…Does he exist?”
-“I would have put on that crown and the world would finally have had a God who is able to fish.”
“But DOES he exist?”
-“I think so. I can’t really remember but since I know so many stories about him, I guess he most be around somewhere. It’s all a matter of logic.”
“O Jack, thank you so much, if I can do anything to return the favor, please let me know?”

We walked around in Buenos Aires and at night I baked pancakes. It was quite hot. My memory is a weak faculty but you won’t care. Let’s find at least something to care, so we can take pride in being alive.

In Argentina, a lot of people study computer science or related subjects because that seems to be their only way to get out of poverty, to get a well-paid job and move higher up in society. I met many students and they all did the computer thing, which is especially interesting to me because I have a master in the field without – I am saying this well aware of the fact that you won’t believe me – having actual knowledge nor the slightest interest in it. But I understand the situation in Argentina. You study to become somebody, to have some money to live a decent living. A luxury struggle with the stubborn inner self that rejects every definition versus a social struggle in a corrupt society.