March 25. Backups.

I have to make backups regularly. Backups are an interesting phenomenon. They can make you feel safe. I mean, right after you made a backup, right after you saved all your work on various usb-sticks, as well as on various servers on different continents so that your work will survive a partial nuclear winter, and emailed them to yourself and some best friends. Right after you took this backup measures, you can feel really relieved, like you are on top of everything, you are not vulnerable anymore. Nothing can happen to you because you have everything secured. It’s a high that lasts for several minutes before it dies away. But even after the high has died away, the backups will remain. So with all that backups made, nothing can happen to you. Even if you get an accident, you can be sure your personality can be restored from the backups.

I also saw a dog walking.

One thought on “March 25. Backups.

  1. I always have an idea, when I want to take the data from backup tape, but all the loaders are gone, manufacture had already bankrupted… a little bit pessimistic…

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