April 21. The road ahead.

Today, we copy the photos of the Paraba Azul to a cd at Alberto’s place. He offers us lunch and has some story about the integration of foreigners into the community, which can be hard at times. After this it’s time to say goodbye to Buenavista. I leave with dear memories of the people here and the tranquilidad of the village life. This is a place to come back to.

On my mind is the road ahead now. I love the feeling of a long road ahead. Thousands of kilometers leading nowhere of course al final, but with the reasonable expectation of many yet unimaginable encounters. The road ahead, giving backbone to everyday life. What happens is not happening in the anonymous locality you coincide with after some years of living in a certain place, but happens uniquely at one specific spot. Cities, villages, mountains become associated with your experiences, and enable you to keep them more distinct from each other in your memory. Traveling becomes a way of organizing your memory, a way of mental hygiene, brushing the teeth of the mind. The road ahead is like a cord of indefinite length on which I will string the beads of yet unknown experiences. Believe me, you can say this more kitschy.