May 6. Hot weather provokes dreams.

Yesterday, my old camera stopped working. I learned a lot about equilibrium in the process of buying a new one that occupies me today. The new one is a Samsung. I always wanted a Samsung because my ex-girlfriend is Korean. It’s like I have her back, at least the nonfighting part of her.

And that’s where the Guyana guy with bad teeth and an untuned guitar enters the scene. He proclaims with great pride that he is a Bitish Guyanese and smiles as he offers us to play Bob Marley and please look at his handicraft. He will follow us all the time to the Club Nautico and back to the center. He will get on my nerves. Maybe I’ll dream about him and in my dreams he is the good shepherd that leads me to salvation. But in reality he is just a pain in the ass.

The fort Castilo de San Felipe of Cartagena is the strongest in Latin America. In front of it there is a statue of Blas de Lezo, the one-armed one-legged one-eyed hero of Cartagena’s successful defense against the British Admiral Vernon in 1741. The guy kept defending the fort even though he missed half of his body. Maybe I’ll dream about him too. And in my dream he meets the Guyanese who tries to lead me to salvation. In the moment he takes out his wallet to buy the handicraft the Guyanese offers him, the armies of Francis Drake and other pirates storm his fort and cut off his remaining arm and leg. The Guyanese starts playing Bob Marley on his untuned guitar as smoke ascends from the fort in thick spirals. Blas de Lezo dies with a smile on his face, whispering “could it be love”. He closes his eyes in salvation. I ask the Guyanese about my salvation and he says I am a few limbs away of it.