July 3. Russia, Battuta, Truffaut.

Today, I Issue my Russian visa. So I got a ticket to ride now, and I will be able to continue my trip. How long have I been here? Two weeks? And missing the road already? What is this feeling? In the history of mankind, there have always been brave and cowardous men and women traveling as far as they could. Travelers running away from their ‘lives’, or running in search of a lost love, running to discover things unknown to mankind, running to be redeemed. I bet you can find a great book about all those travelers, from Thukydides and Alexander to Ibn Battuta (1304–1368) and Marco Polo to Steve Fossett and … you.

You know what is important for us humans? Bonding! The idea is simple. It may be true for all of us. Or: all the sane ones but there we go again. We conclude that not valuing bonding is insane. Bravo. Let’s talk about it hypothetically, I am asserting the importance of bonding. And thus when a person wants to live alone I got my interpretation: she is simulating some kind of bonding in her mind in order to be independent of the real type of bonding, which is never ensured and always tough. Bravo. Bonding can be researched by various sciences, and they can come to good conclusions. Biology can tell us about the importance of stable parenthood among the great apes; anthropology can provide us examples of bonding structures in various cultures. We want to hang out with each other. The word “bonding” is also nice.

Movie of the day: Truffaut – Antoine et Colette.
The record company employee visits a concert. There he sees a beautiful woman and he can’t stop looking. That way, the audience can also watch her and see how she touches her lips sensibly with her index finger. He observes her three times in a concert and then talks to a friend about it and his friend tells him it is time to attack. The next time, he sits next to her. They get acquainted and she treats him as a friend. He doesn’t realize that and dreams about the beginning of love. He writes her a declaration. She tells him to come over, but she is not at home. She visits hem later with her parents because he lives ‘by coincidence’ opposite to them. They get along. He is adopted by her parents. Antoine and Colette don’t get closer. When they go to the cinema together, he gives her a record and holds her hand. She rejects his kisses, and he runs. The morning after she visits him. He doesn’t want to see her but he is invited for dinner. He changes his mind. He goes, but just has a mandarin. Her lover Albert comes in, and they leave. Antoine watches television with Colette’s parents. “L’amour à vingt ans”, as the beautiful song that closes the film is called, is sometimes very hard.