August 6. St. Petersburg, Parks, Pancakes.

Bryndis comes, the interesting girl from Iceland. Together we explore this amazing city some more, walk through her parks, feel happy as we breathe the atmosphere of this masterpiece of architecture. It is almost unimaginable that this place has been a swamp only three centuries ago. At home I make pancakes, just to do something about my mission of Pancakes around the Globe, the one aspect of Dutch cuisine I take pride in, and that is usually welcomed in the continents I try it out.
A handy thought experiment if you feel you are not in the center of the universe. It goes as follows: construct an adjective which superior version applies to your location as well as to a series of growing sets to which such an adjective can be found, that are all containing each other, and eventually being the universe thus concluding a trace. I write this in Helsinki and my trace is “the largest city in the coldest nation within the strongest economic block”. From now on, you are always in the “place to be”.