August 27. Calmness.

We inspire each other. At five am we get up and take a taxi first, then a bus, then a highspeed ferry that takes us to an island by surprise. What a power is in the water spouting in the wake of the vessel, the visible effect of the mighty blades’ whirl. I observe this for a while, the splashing whitewater and thick diesel fumes dissolving above it, how pure does my own mind appear from within that heavy cloud of noise and stench.
It is only when we disembark that I learn its name: Alonissos, the smallest of the tree north Sporades islands. It is beautiful here, quiet, a place for peace. A taxi takes us about ten kilometers up the winding road to a village where they rent rooms. Sea and people breath calmness here. They say there are dolphins since the island is part of a Marine Preservation Park. We sleep for some hours, then go for a swim. The text cannot breath the same calmness as the sea does anyway.