September 11. Luxury, Experts.

Luxury – a very harch critique is the title of what I want to write today. I want to analyse the infantile causes that make people strive for luxury, and tell them in sevenhundred relentless words how despicable everybody is who even points with his finger at a golden watch. I want to produce a very messy outcry. But such an outcry won’t work. It would only tar the roads of those who favour consuming. The golden watch will have an aura of doing what you want and leaving those silly moral scruples far behind. Claudia Schiffer deserves it – you deserve it. Trying to create an aura of irresponsability, indignation, reprehensibility, and smudge.

“Experts should judge your writings.”
-“There are no experts for what I am doing.”
“But an expert could tell you if your style is good.”
-“Good? What is that supposed to mean? Do they also have dictionaries that say if a word is good or bad and when you should use it?”
“No, that is not… I mean… listen…”
-“I am glistening.”
“A good style can convince the reader, it can be…”
-“You mean effective? Should I let them make my writing more effective?”
“What is it that holds you back?”
-“That refrains me from doing that?”
“Yes, I’d say, why not let those experts have a look at it. It won’t hurt.”
-“I want to write pure. Without interference and other minds correcting and working on it.”
“O, now I understand. I apologize. Purity is another thing. A lofty goal. Now I admire your venture. Congratulations.”
-“You think so?”
“Yes I do. Yes, Yes, yes.”
The subject sighs.