November 18.

I leave Israel today because I want to eliminate the last few variables that stand between me and my flight to Nairobi. Exiting Israel via Allenby bridge and re-entering Jordan is unproblematic. I share a taxi with three Japanese guys to Amman, then take a fast bus to Petra. This is one of those days sacrificed to being on the road. One of the Japanese guys got stamped by the Israelis by the way. And he already booked his flight out of Damascus. It’s a little nightmare; he had the option to change his flight or his passport and I wish him good luck with it.

They also give me the address of the lonely planet backpackers hostel in Petra and in spite of some friendly travelers, I don’t really like it there. There is a healthy and abundant buffet though that satisfies me. I talk about my project with Marc from England and Eric from Vermont. Both of them seem really interested and tell me they were looking for something like what I am doing. This is what I had in mind: I am showing them how easy it is to organize what I am doing. I wish both of them all the inspiration the could need on their further adventures in Sudan and Europe.