February 16. But the Charity budget…

Robert seems nice, and we get along well until the second flat tyre. We meet him strodding in the morning sun on our way to the main road, and he offers us a lift. Later the lift turns into a fuel-guzzling 8 hour-drive to Victoria falls, and we have to pay for the fuel. And we have to pay for the tyres. And we have to pay for the fuel for him on the way back. And we have to pay for his hotel room, without a thank you. Speaking of righteousness. Ah, it is just sad to see the ugly greed on yet another face supposed generous.
As we wait at the car after the second tyre pinched and Robert rushes to get a spare, I walk around and witness the slaughtering of a cow. Impressive. They have tied the legs to a tree in order to cut through the skin easily. The grass stained bloodred, people smiling, me peeling mais and staring at the victim.
“Are you selling the meat?”
-“No, we will have a barbecue.”
“With your family? That is so much meat.”
-“Big family…”

We arrive at Victoria Falls late at night and a kind man knows accomodation. We are put in some overpriced hotel rooms without anybody informing us about the price. We are being milked and it sucks. A bad temper, the second time we intend to do a little tourist interlude. It makes me feel sad that I have to ‘steal’ so much money from the charity budget.