March 26. Inspiring people.

Our host Kaushik flies to Mumbai today to give a lecture about device driver pre-installing optimization. We say goodbye and move to our other host near central Delhi. It takes us a long time, but when we finally get there we feel very welcome. A big blue backpack signalizes the presence of another couchsurfer, but Cecelia from France is not much of a talker and unfortunately shuns us. I don’t see her doing Charity anyway.
We just hang out and wait for nothing to happen. Maybe the Greenpeace people call and we could do something together. Wrong. This should not affect our project. We have slowed down too much now. We need to get back to the initial vigor and grace of moving from cause to cause while accumulating energy. Pfft. There is a guy here whom they call Pinky, he reeks of alcohol and brags about houses in Amsterdam, the UK, Finland. He divorced his wife in Nepal, and travels to Norway on his French passport. Actually, he is ruling the world. He is not inspiring and I need inspiring people right now. I want to learn something.