March 28. All about Krishna.

Sight-seeing. The Red Fort is enormous and so is the line in front of it. Please can we not get in? Okay. We walk to the large mosque nearby and are refused in. Prayer-time. The call for prayer is too loud and scares us away. Allahou-Akbar. We go to the zoo to have a calm green walk and see creatures incapable of fanaticism. We like a termite-sucking bear and the white tiger. It is beautiful to see the white tiger taking a bath, it’s like he is leaning on his elbows and looking around leisurely.

In the evening we see a boring Indian dance show; I don’t yawn because I sleep. I do get to see some fragments though and the slowness of that Indian dance tradition could be fascinating. To the sound of traditional Indian instruments a single female dancer is making very precise looking movements with her hands and feet. It was all about Krishna.