April 9 –

I seem to have flown to Korea today. For beautiful personal reasons, I take a time off from Charity Travel, with the pleasant exception of MWTV, Migrant Worker Television. We find their office, tucked away on the central Namsan hill in Seoul, through a friend of Yeon. It was founded in 2004 by migrant workers themselves, to help them communicate and connect. It is a great initiative that we gladly support. The current chairman, a Burmese refugee, has an excellent command of Korean and has even written a little book, explaining about Burmese culture in Korean. This is intercultural exchange at its best. They also show us some videos that portray the sad stories of many migrant workers here. South Korea has turned out to be much different than the promised land the expected when they came here.

Time in Korea is good, as always. Hands down best cuisine. Recharging for China. I get the visa without complications through a travel agency, and realize once again how diplomatically blessed we are as citizens of wealthy relevant nations.

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