June 4. Nha Trang’s godly seafood.

In Nha Trang our day starts with a coffee in a friendly bar opposite the train station. We have seen a few western tourists getting off the train here indicating that this town is indeed one of the major tourist attractions of Vietnam. We want to hang out here and take a short break. In the internet we look up a map of the town and soon realize that we can walk to where the action is. So we do, and drop our backpacks on the fourth floor of a guesthouse that also rent motorbikes. We rent a motorbike and ride it to the hospital in order to remove Yeon’s stitches. We pay about one dollar to the friendly staff in the hospital. Then we mount our moto again and continue towards the flashy cablecar connecting the mainland with a resort island. We do not take that cablecar, but decide to ride back to the beach. It starts to rain, an annoying drizzle that takes the pleasure of our ride, and we go back into town, to the sheraton. In the hotel we use the bathroom and ask the friendly clerk about good seafood restaurants. Bingo! He points it out on the map and we ride to a local restaurant tucked away in the curve of a small street.
And they do serve delicious seafood. We have a plate of shells and it is godly.