June 7. SSC Scholarship programme.

At the Saigon Children’s Charity Kimberly takes time for us and we have an interesting meeting discussing spontaneous volunteering. I am proud that they have arranged to meet in the conference room with us! Feeling some bit important – we are all human.

They have a scholarship program supporting children of poor families with basic need packages and school supplies. The program is well thought trough. For example, they don’t give money to the families because it would often fflow into the alcohol budget of the father. I like the program and suggest we support three secondary grade children through this program. Charity Travel made easy! This way we don’t have to contribute our experience, the program is almost as good as it can be and all we have to do is donate to it. The person in charge of the scholarship program gives us fact sheets about three secondary grade children. Our participation would ensure to stay in school this year, and hopefully get a better chance than their parents have had.
I mention them to Jean-Michel, who is coming to Cambodia for possible cooperation and feel a networker. That is very addictive, mind you. Before you know you want to connect everybody with everybody, exponentally many links buzzing in my head feeling their potential second-grade connections going out like hundreds of invisible threads and they all have connections too. Danger is that the feeling is mere hyperness and the temperament isn’t controlled by concrete, reflected upon thick real-life experience but by abstract mental schemes taking us away from the source of compassion, understanding, love, humanity and towards the preposterous installation of the pure in heavens above, the freaking trinities and divinities and Gödelian metaspheres.