June 26. Buddha.

After a long night of dreaming, we have a light breakfast together consisting of fruit and a puree of green vegetables, along with cashew nuts. and raw cookies that haven’t been warmer than about 45 degrees. I like it, I like the inventiveness of it, even though I am not a vegan or raw food adept. The dishes are very delicious and nutricious. Perhaps they don’t make you jump and dance and attack as quick as a carnivorous reptile, but that’t the whole point of it. Without eating chemicals, salty cooked food, msg, caffeine, our minds will get a lot more peaceful.

We want to take a look around, to get a better impression of Malaysia, and we walk off in the sweltering heat. We try to reach one of the rock formations that are scattered around the valley, but a man on a motorbike comes to call us back. Humans, I think, humans are more likely to mean bad news than good news. We go back to the man road and walk to the other side of the river, where we finally reach a rock formation and see some monkeys swinging on the roots of the overhanging trees. A little bit further is a huge golden Buddha statue guarding a cave with an altar inside. The site is interesting, and its low-key appearance (no signs, no tourists) create the illusion of discovery in my mind.