Asociación Sucrense de Ecologia

Asociación Sucrense de Ecologia

Sucre. September 17, 2010.

Environmental education and awareness creation is important in a country like Bolivia, that is sitting on a wealth of natural resources and needs its citizens to be thoughtful about exploitation and environmental issues in general – for the sake of future generations.

Name: Asociación Sucrense de Ecologia
Aim: To sensitize youth around Sucre about environmental issues
Since: 20 de octubre del 1989
Staff: director and volunteers
People Reached: youth around Sucre
Dirección: Calle Bustillos Nº 463  Telefax: (591) 4-64 43730
Donation: 1,500 Bolivianos (214 USD)

Not far from the main square of Sucre, we find the Sucre Association of Ecology, a small NGO working on sensitizing Bolivian youth about environmental issues and advocating green solutions to common problems that the country faces.
A.S.E. works with a number of secondary schools in Sucre, organizing environmental campaigns, cleanup-actions and recycling workshops. When we visit their office, they are just discussing upcoming actions with a group of school youth. These actions include a march against global warming, a plastic bag pollution awareness creation cleanup, and a continuation of the paper-recycling they had already started. They show us beautifully crafted postcards made of fully recycled paper.
They show us other recycled products, including a flower with red plastic petals, paper maché bowls and cups, among other items. There are plenty of interesting projects that make interesting opportunities for volunteers, both national and international.
I suggest that international volunteers with specific skills – environmental campaigning is well-established in the global North – make a difference here in Sucre.

recycled paper postcard at A.S.E.