The Club of Fifty-Six

Some people die too young, they pass away much too early, before they have come to realize their full potential. For rock-stars, the viral age seems to be twenty-seven, age at which some of the most intensely expressive musicians died. We all remember Joplin, Cobain and Winehouse.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a creative genius, and to his honor I decided to write this edition of my virtual musings, introducing the notion of the Club of Fifty-Six.
More than twice as much as 27, people who lived to age 56 might be expected to have made their marks. But they would have had a lot more to say. Listening to Steve’s beautiful 2005 commencement speech at Stanford, it was clear what a loss his death is for the world. Like no other, he could convey wisdom and be a business leader at the same time.

Steve was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, and fought a seven year long battle, to step down as apple chairman only in August this year. His last public appearance, with a mild and cheerful speech while his body was clearly at its end, is engraved in our minds. Carrying on until the very end, to leave an incredibly inspiring heritage is something he shared with Beethoven, who also died at age 56, and famously composed his last Ode to Joy while already deaf. Also in the Club of Fifty-Six is Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest US presidents, and Linda McCartney who also lost the battle against cancer.

Alongside this article is the beginning of Beethoven’s 5th, or the “Symphony of Destiny”.

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