Green Senegal

Green Senegal

October 2011. St. Louis, Senegal.

Name: Green Senegal
Aim: “contributing to food security and the promotion of sustainable agriculture along with environmental protection”
Since: 2000
Staff: about 25
People Reached: several communities in northern Senegal

During a visit in St. Louis with a friend working for a Spanish NGO that supports local organisations, I find myself in the modest office of Green Senegal, a local NGO working with rural communities to improve their livelihoods, mainly by installing wells and introducing programs like plant hatcheries and agriculture education.

A visit to the actual villages reveals some practical examples of the kind of support the farmers get from Green Senegal. The atmosphere is good and we get the impression that these projects are well managed.

As Kamiel doesn’t have much time, his contribution is limited to creating some translations and promoting this deserving local NGO.