The God Question in a Nutshell

The God question is not about belief. It is about a concept.

The concept of God is That of which nothing greater can be thought. Simple. It can only be Spinoza’s pantheistic god.

But our grammar demands that we can point at that God.

In four-dimensional space, we can point at the big bang, when time and space come into being, when the universe is pure Becoming. That “moment” takes place infinitely soon after the bang, and it’s location is the virtual ‘center’ from which the universe is expanding. Thus, it is simultaneously a moment in time and a location and space, and neither of both.

Good and evil are irrelevant theological concepts. They have been projected onto the Deity because God is supposed to be a tool for redemption, or deliverance from sin. The tribal Levante heritage of the Promised People and the Promised land belongs on the garbage heap of history too.

Still, human experience is full of suffering. There is only one possible “redemption”. The recognition, in a brief moment of enlightenment, that the very core of our being is simultaneously our innermost self and ubiquitous in the universe. This is the proper place for the celebration of existence. Because we have science, we must look there. We might truly understand something about this universe of ours – isn’t that amazing? And what if it’s all an illusion – well, this kind of illusion, that we can by definition not surpass or dismantle, it will surely do as redemption, mr. Feynman. Being capable to such an illusion, good heavens, to fool ourselves in such an elegant way is worth while;-

Ok. Done. Question answered. Next.