p2p housing experiment

We are a Dutch-Korean family; our daughter was born in 2013. We work as independent writers and we get by. We are not dependent on any specific location for our work, so when we choose where we want to live we ask ourselves “do we fit in?” or “do people like us here because of who we are, not only because we pay the rent?”

We believe that in the Age of Internet, ‘compatible’ people can find each other online, as neighbors, as housemates, as friends. If people just provide an honest description of themselves and send it away as a message in a digital bottle.

So, here is our social experiment: We are looking for a roof over our head anywhere in Northern Europe for the coming summer. We can pay about 500 Euros per month. We like transparency and honest sharing. Apart from paying money (all up front if needed), we gladly love to clean, cook, babysit, garden, do maintenance work, run errands, create your website, or hug. The place should neither be large nor luxurious. What is important is that there are like minded people around. Remember: we are not begging. If you think this is begging, then you haven’t understood it. This is an attempt to increase overall happiness.

View the full text here: p2phome.