Where’s Bob?

I leave the guitar and Bob’s voice to your imagination; singin’ volunteers and suggestions welcome!

Bob, where are you Bob?
Are you staying in bed, did you catch the flu
why is it so hard to get through to you?
do you have the blues, so many writer would
love to walk in your shoes Bob, even Philip Roth
would stop and he would be learning how to siiiiiiiiiiiiiing
’cause you know, the times they are a-changin’

Bob, where are you Bob?
you’re a poet everyone knows you’re the screeching voice of your generation
that saw the blood on the tracks and where we’re going to with our civilization
and your woeful guitar sounds, painted the blues in the face of a sordid nation
we’ve been knockin’ on your door for days now, and tried to call you up on the phone
but you answer was silence, tell us Bob do you really want to be left all alone?

Bob, where are you Bob?
we need you now, you’re a legendary man, you speak the truth through your teeth
your shrieking voice’ echo lives in the ears of everyone and the world lies at your feet
you’re an all American troubadour, a man who lives for the poetry in his bone
sing us song, sing us the ballad, of a thin man, who’s tangled up in blue and all alone
write us howling verses like no other can not even tom waits and leonard cohen
there’s a crackle in everything, that’s how the light gets in and you’ve known
we are your fans bob zimmerman, tell us are you too busy being born to condone
a Nobel prize, or are you too busy dying?

Bob, where are you Bob?
Man up, mister tambourine, look back at the trinkets in your prize vitrine
do you see the Grammy and the Pulitzer catching dust it has never been
a better time Bob, now we all got visions of Johanna, and we all feel forever young
and you know how much love was made, in the mighty echo of your soooooooongs
I hate driving down highway 61 and hearing on the radio that the committee will rescind
what do you say Bob, or is your answer forever blowing in the wiiiiiiind

Bob, where are you Bob?
I see you sitting by the campfire of history, singing about war and the marginalized
you raised your broken voice, and millions of people were moved, to paradise
the world wants to hear your chuckle and see the sparkling in your eyes
when you surpassed so many bitter literates and got your Nobel priiiiiiiize