Going to Church
An old man is smelting the icon of exalted freedom. I watch him. He is well-natured, a force old enough to command. He swaddles the icon in a soft cloth and lines it up with the others. The light falls down from heavy window sills, I again write poems that die in mirrors or teacups.
I speed read a book on anarchism A typographical error by one anarchist is quoted by another. Sic! My coffee is hot I think of anarchy in Guatemala. Are they still selling their coffee to a god who comes in a steel vessel? A god who brings them smartphones? I think about Seattle and Kropotkin, ...
Commercial poetry
I can take some green paper out of my pocket and make them kill a fish for me or drive me to the end of the light I could buy a woman for the night, or a rose, a rose for a woman for a night I could make you say things like thank you ...
You've got your life instagrammed. You stream a persona that never repeats. You snap up who you are in a dozen photos a day. You scroll through the deadened sea, of the others, and heart who you think they are. Your imagination is infused with the smell of Madagascar vanilla. You know your world. You ...
“a good poem corrals the mind of the reader, but leaves the gate open” - found on the Internet
On the mountain
We climbed the same mountain today A few white hairs we blew in the wind We surrendered to what never attacked us We entrusted our future to a rock I roll small pebbles down a precipice to test the symbolic capacity of this mountain. You smile and I talk the next two mountains in you ...
What power is only poetry can say.
Lured by a row of pastel macarons I enter the store like a stray verse, looking for comfort in its soothing hues The soft face behind the counter smiles when I smile, before I order a coffee to go with my pink and orange macarons
My violin teacher
After twenty years I found my violin teacher on Facebook. She remembered me, that was one of the joys of teaching, she wrote. In the mean time, entire lives have started: our children born, nine eleven, financial crisis. History has happened. I want to ask her about my vibrato.
Protecting the Rain Forest
I want to protect the rain forest. I want the rain forest to exist, so I can protect it. The good and the bad face us in cinematographic reality. I still want to protect the rain forest for love of the unknown. For birds I will never see. For their emerald eggs. For all I ...
A belief is all we have
A belief is all we have to hold on to, some warmth weaning us for darker times when we thicket each other's softest spots, make our fingers lost and blow weightless snow in each other's faces when we make chocolate gestures, blanket soft talk in some rearrangement of tired starlight
The Playground
The chubby boy points his toy gun at another boy His great grandfather fought in the war. This is not a guess. I am sure. His great grandmother was maybe a comfort lady to the invaders. But his gun is only made of plastic. He will be forgotten. I look at the boys. I see ...
Circle of Life
You too will get the e-mail from the hospital You don't know when, or which hospital, or if the doctor has been born yet, but it will come. The good news is that you can already respond to that e-mail, by giving birth to some humor.
coffee beans and machine guns change we can believe in. blackness is an ideal churches full of popcorn mumbling generals in tank tops nightliners piercing darkness a dead dog's candy eye, the tightrope of history cigarette butts drowned in cold coffee orphans and Eurydice in ironed T-shirts earthworms tunneling underfoot abandoned swimming pools, and an ...