Ever wondered what it is like to do it at great heights? Are you curious what it is like to mount your partner in a zero-gravity environment? Want to learn more about making love weightlessly? You have come to the right place: our company SpaceseX offers an exclusive round-trip to space for sexual partners. You will receive our patented training about how to perform in space, so that you and your partner can get private as soon as the spaceship has escaped earth’s gravity.


Not only for billionaires

The good news is that we cater for everyone and actively encourage to fund your SpaceSex-trip using our CrowdFunding platform. We already have a marvelous success story to share with you. It took Igor and Natasha three months to collect the $60 million for their first SpaceSex experience. The beauty of it is that it offers an exciting and credulous escape from reality, not only for them but also for their sponsors, who will receive exclusive VR-access to the event.

At SpaceseX, we are on a mission to offer everyone the experience of a lifetime through virtual reality. As demonstrated by our award-winning research, your experience as a sponsor will be essentially the same as the experience of our performers Igor and Natasha. In our trials, endocrine and synaptic activity were roughly identical for the couple performing in the zero gravity test environment and the audience wearing our SpaceseX-VR glasses. This marks a fundamental break with the billionaire leisure tradition, that has always sought after Exclusivity for their clients (who were often also the owners of the enterprise, such as in the case of Mr. Musk and Mr. Besos). We bring vicariousness into the game, and this allows us to put in place a transparent democratic funding process.

Surely you are joking?

We are serious. SpaceseX is a young company: we launched in late October 2021. There is a long road ahead of us and it will be a rough ride. But we know exactly where we are going and want to invite you, dear reader, to join us. For only $150 you can sponsor Alice and Jane, the first lesbian couple who is scheduled to be on our second launch around Christmas. This could be a unique chance to the experience of a lifetime!


What you will get

You will receive our spaceseX VR helmet (patent pending), and access to our portal where you can experience your product when time has come. The recording of the session will be stored on the blockchain as an NFT, to which you also get lifetime access. As an extra bonus, we ship a booklet explaining the physiology of sex in space in layperson’ s terms, so you will be super convinced that you will engage in authentic escape.

If you are a couple, you can opt for the plus package, which has enhanced neuro-feedback with your partner, which means that your experience will not only be sync’ d with the performers in space, but also with each other.


SpaceseX is on a mission to a more equal and authentic world for everybody. According to the Lancet, in-earth sexual activity has suffered greatly from virtualization, to the extend that more and more couples have lost the sense of authenticity during intercourse. It is very hard to distinguish real-life sex from 3th-generation VR. Our elegant solution is to offer the naturally scarce experience of Off-earth sex to as many people as possible. It is of course all about believing that Igor, Natasha, Alice and Jane are hitting it off in space. You’ll have to take our word for that. Why would we fake it?