The Gods are Back
The gods are back, companions. Right now they have just entered this life; but the words that revoke them, whispered underneath the words that reveal them, have also appeared that we might suffer together. - René Char
The contiguous society
The exponential growth of computing power has created unprecedented possibilities for the democratic organization of a people. Looking at the current voting system of democracies around the world however, very little of these digital innovations to improve the finding and execution of the 'will of the people' have been realized. It is largely unchartered territory, ...
The authentic liar
Charisma 2.0 is the ability to lie all the time and look more authentic because of it. #happyinaugurationday
Could systemic change be catalyzed by effective altruism?
Give what we can because I think every dollar spent on things like malaria prevention, de-worming, girl's education or clean drinking water as morally superior to lavish consumption. You will certainly have heard of the (in my view only) plausible objection to the practice of philanthropy, which is that it diverts our collective attention from much ...
Civilization is the ability to believe in a justification for our cruelty.
It doesn't matter much if we have hope now. Will we have hope when a majority of people are literally dying to improve our lot?
the problem with democracy is that the people refuse to believe they are the people
the nonsense of infinite growth just distracts from the fact that we will all wither and die
Catalyst of the Gift Economy: Trustcoins
We no longer understand economy as the study of human interaction under the conditions of scarcity. As production tends to nearGift economies rely on the connectedness of the underlying social fabric to function, so they are essentially local economies. With local green energy and food production, they can provide for all necessities of life, because ...
the philosophical problem of other minds really is about other smarter minds.
Short Climate Temper
During a ride share with sacred. We are talking about a crime against humanity. The destruction of the rain forest and the rendering extinct of species are irreversible, as is the unleashing of permafrost methane, the demise of the coral reefs, the bees, and the birds. So how does it sound if we hold on ...
We do not live…
... in the moment. We relate to the moment. We are transgression, leaping between moments. We leap between hapinesses.
Authenticity feels better when you starve for it.
Question your freedom
A few days ago I was riding a bicycle down the Berliner Prenzlauer Allee and slowed down behind a fellow cyclist whose calves inspired me. As he pedalled, I discerned a tattoo that read "Question your freedom". I sensed this is an interesting phrase to chew on, but I wasn't sure exactly why. I needed ...
... a playful, self-defeating gesture