Adorno on Facebook
The notion that every single person considers themselves better in their particular interest than all others, is as long-standing a piece of bourgeois ideology as the overestimation of others as higher than oneself, just because they are the community of all customers. [The source of "likes"] Since the old bourgeois class has abdicated, both lead their afterlife in the Spirit [Geist] of intellectuals, who are at the same time the last enemies of the bourgeois, and the last bourgeois. By allowing themselves to still think at all vis-a-vis the naked reproduction of existence, they behave as the privileged; by leaving things in thought, they declare the nullity of their privilege. - Theodor W. Adorno, quoted by Babette Babich
Facebook Psycho
I friended you, you didn’t friend me back, which left me feeling powerless indeed: despite my wounded longing to attack, the software wouldn’t mark you "enemied.” And so, of course, I had to move offline to properly avenge your cyber-slap— with help from this devoted blade of mine. There’s nothing like an old-school killer app. - Melissa Balmain
Netpoetry #8
They could not have known, at the time, that their son would become such an important Facebooker.