October 5. Last week of preparations.

The ultimate goal could not possibly be something else than our own happiness, because it is through our sensory systems, our nervous systems, our backbones, and our brains that we experience it. If we are denying this and proclaim out loud how we could, oh, live off the mere view of a smiling child at his mother’s breast,- then we are parasites on their happiness, distorting reality to suit our ideologist needs.

“Great power comes with great responsibility”. There you have a quote from Spiderman. Spiderman! And what about money! Great wealth is nothing but great power. Money buys everything from almond chocolate to Siamese whores, the Opel imperium and goose liver. Nobody is saying that wealth comes with responsibility for the world. And the wealthy don’t seem to feel responsible for anything but their own capital. Such a virtuosos they are how they manage to depict this alleged “responsibility” as a real burden! How they must suffer if the bathroom marble of their second villa turns out to be not tax-deductible. And how responsible they are to buy life insurance so that their financial independence of the rest of the world takes on messianic proportions. We can only look up baffled to those great minds, as their divine responsibility rains down on the land like spring drizzle.